Thursday, 19 March 2015 13:12

Permanent Participants workshop on Financing and Capacity



 Is held this week, March 17-19, 2015 in Whitehorse, Canada.


This workshop is a follow-up on the of the workshop on enhancing Permanent Participant capacity held on the margins of the Fall 2014 SAO meeting in Yellowknife, Canada.

The objective of the workshop is to develop a framework for a strategic plan for the advancement of PP capacity, including development of a common objective for the PPs in the pursuit of financial support for Arctic Council activities.


Representatives of the six Arctic indigenous organizations, funding agencies, some of the observers of the Arctic Council intend to develop short- and long term objectives and timelines to support the implementation of further work and a draft framework for the establishment of a PP Capacity Fund.


Like other funding within the Arctic Council, supporting the participation of Permanent Participants in the work of the Arctic Council is based on voluntary contributions of the Member States. Permanent Participants have also used their own means to support their work.



Venue: Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre, hitehorse, Canada

Facilitator: Ed Schultz

Jennifer Spence will write the report from the workshop

Tuesday, 17th March 2015

Overview of all previous work done regarding financial need of PP organizations – in camera session by Ed Schultz

Review/Edit draft Value and Impact of the Permanent Participant Fund - in camera session

Short presentations by the PPs on the conclusions from the part prior to lunch         

Presentations by invited experts:

  • Arctic Council Project Support Instrument (PSI) by Husamuddin Ahmadzai over Skype
  • A Capacity Fund within the framework of ACS/IPS by IPS Executive Secretary Elle Merete Omma
  • What options exists for establishing a charitable Capacity Fund and how can PPs effectively fundraise by Vice-President of Strategic Grant making David L. Secord Second, Tides Canada Foundation
  • What make a successful partnership between PPs and Foundations by Sara French, Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation

Wednesday, 18th March 2015

Discussion on what a Fund/Foundation could look like

1) What are our common objectives as PPs with respect to financial capacity?

How can we build on our common strengths/similarities?

How can we collaborate in areas where we have identified gaps?

  • 2) What could the PPs Capacity Fund look like?
  • What type of fund would be useful and supportive of PPs?
  • What is the vision of the fund?
  • What resources are out there to “fund the fund”?
  • How can we attract and engage potential funders? How will the fund interact and report to funders?
  • Why are we forming this organization?
  • Who will do the work?
  • What is the sustainability plan for the fund?
  • Who will serve on the board of directors?
  • How much administration and management do you wish to take on yourself or do you want to delegate?
  • What degree of control do you want over the funds?
  • What are the tax consequences?

Thursday, 19th March 2015

How can PPs engage better with funders/foundations?

  • How can PPs market themselves to funders/foundations?
  • What tools are needed for PPs to develop capacities in fundraising?
  • What are the best methods for engaging funders/foundations?
  • Next steps: toward the 2015 Arctic Council Ministerial
  • Preparation/discussion of draft workshop paper regarding a PP Capacity Fund
  • In-camera session for the Permanent Participants to summarize                   

Dinner Antoinette`s






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